Indian Foreign minister S jaishankar was on a visit to America from 22 to 30 September. Here he had come to

New York to participate in the annual session of the United Nations General assembly (UNGA), after

participating in the program, he participated in the Celebrating Colors of Friendship program organized by the

Indian Embassy in Washington on Saturday, 28 September. In this program, he addressed hundreds of Indian-

Americans gathered at india House from different parts of America.

Foreign minister and PM have visited America 4 times in the last one and a half years

1. 22 to 30 september 2023: Last month itself, External Affairs minister S jaishankar had reached America on a

9-day visit from 22 to 30 September. During this, he held discussions with his counterpart in Washington,

American Antony Blinken, senior members of the US administration, American business leaders and think

tanks. Here S jaishankar also addressed the fourth World culture Festival organized by Art of Living.

2. 21 to 24 june 2023: Earlier on 21, indian prime minister Narendra Modi visited America. Here he was on a

state visit to the US till june 24, 2023. During this period he participated in at least a dozen important programs.

This was prime minister Narendra Modi's first state visit to America.

3.18-28 september 2022: Foreign minister S jaishankar reached America on a 10-day visit from 18 to 28

September 2022. During this time he also led an indian delegation for the High Level Week at the 77th session

of the United Nations General assembly (UNGA).

4. 11-12 april 2022: External Affairs minister Dr. S. jaishankar and Defense minister Rajnath Singh were on a

visit to America on 11 and 12 april 2022. During this, the Defense minister and the Foreign minister led the

Indian delegation in the fourth India-US ministerial two plus two talks. It was organized on 11 april in

Washington DC.

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