According to sources Union minister of State subhash sarkar has requested that the tamil Nadu government should cooperate with the Sapad Yatra. Meanwhile the Union minister of State for education Dr. subhash sarkar has requested that the tamil Nadu government should cooperate with the Sapad yatra for a developed Bharat so that the central government's welfare programs reach the people fully. subhash sarkar participated in a workshop on the implementation of a new innovation policy at the indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing in kanchipuram and reviewed the company's development practices.


He said that the new education policy has led to collaboration with foreign universities in many ways such as learning and research, student exchange. This has led to the opening of the first overseas campus of IIT madras in Zanzibar, Tanzania, he said. Union minister subhash sarkar also said that the central government has increased the funds for the education sector by 13.68% in 2023-24 compared to 2020-21 and has allocated nearly 1 lakh 13 thousand crore rupees.

He said that prime minister Narendra Modi had launched the Swada yatra for a developed india on the 15th. In tamil Nadu, 130 vans with LED screens, with the cooperation of Central Public Relations, Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Fertilizers, etc., visited villages and towns to inform the people of the welfare schemes of the Central Government. He said that it will create awareness.

The minister said that these vans will bring information directly to the people in 12,525 gram panchayats and 1400 small towns and cities in tamil Nadu and said that they will provide information about the schemes implemented by the central government to the weaker sections of the society. He said that the central government is providing various facilities to poor people including electricity, free gas connections, agricultural credit cards.

He said that these vans are also providing necessary information to poor farmers to practice organic farming without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The minister said that these vans are currently roaming in the districts of Thiruvannamalai, salem and Nilgiris in tamil Nadu and he said that people are giving enthusiastic welcome to these vans. The Union home minister then requested that the state government should give full cooperation to the people as they are getting good information through these vans and they are benefiting from it.

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