Voting for rajasthan assembly elections 2023 concluded on 25 November. This time, apart from political

parties, many independent candidates are also trying their luck in the assembly elections. Now after the voting,

the fate of all the candidates will be decided on december 3. Only time will tell who will win and who will lose

on december 3, whose luck will favor them, but after the voting, there is a situation of tension in many areas.

In fact, at many places supporters of candidates have beaten people for not voting for their candidate, in which

many people have been injured. Let us tell you that two days ago, villagers were attacked in Maharaipur village of

Nagar assembly constituency of Bharatpur district for not voting. Even today, police force has been deployed to

maintain peace in Maharaipur village.

15-20 people attacked

At the same time, in Sikaruda village of Kanchanpur police station area in bari assembly constituency of Dholpur

district, the supporters of the candidate, angry over not voting, attacked 60-year-old elderly suresh Thakur. The

elderly person injured in the attack was taken to the government hospital for treatment, where the doctors referred

the elderly person to the district hospital. Late on sunday evening, about 15-20 people attacked Panjipura village

in bari assembly constituency of Dholpur district, in which 10 people including 3 children were injured, out of

which the condition of two is said to be critical.

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