There is a famous Shrinath temple in Nathdwara in Rajsamand district of udaipur division, where many actors

and politicians from the Ambani family keep coming. Actor rajpal yadav arrived to have darshan of Shrinath

Prabhu. A crowd of people gathered on his arrival. He visited the Raibhog tableau of Shrinath Prabhu and then

got himself photographed with the devotees present there. Not only this, he also talked to people. Also, according

to the tradition of the temple, the temple official also welcomed him by covering him with Uparana.

People said this Rajpal Yadav

Rajpal Yadav reached Shrinath temple in the evening. After having darshan here, he came out of the temple and

met the people. Took a photo with him. Many also took selfies with him. While talking to the people, he said that

today I had the good fortune to bow my head at the feet of Shrinath ji at his holy land. The soul is completely

satisfied from within. I thank everyone. Here everyone is giving darshan with so much love. Kanhaiya ji's

blessings were upon everyone. Everyone had a great time, remained happy and busy. jai Shrinath ji. Then he

returned to Moti Mahal near the temple.

Shrinathji temple is 40 km away from udaipur, hundreds of devotees come here

Mewar has two famous Krishnadhams. Prabhu Srinath ji in Rajsamand and Sanwalia Seth in Chittorgarh.

Thousands of devotees go to both the places. Talking about Shrinathji temple, it is situated in Nathdwara in

Rajsamand district, about 40 kilometers from Udaipur. Many industrialists and actors keep coming here.

Whenever the Ambani family celebrates any happy occasion or starts any industry, they come here first.

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