Veteran congress leader kamal nath is also seen performing brilliantly in his stronghold. Like the 2018

elections, this time too the magic of kamal nath remains intact in Mahakaushal area. According to the exit poll

of ABP news and C Voter, congress is again taking the lead in Mahakaushal. According to the opinion poll, the

difference of votes between congress and bjp in Mahakaushal is also three percent, which gives congress the

key to power in Madhya Pradesh. Can play an important role in achieving this. If we look at the exit poll results,

congress is likely to get 22 to 26 seats in Mahakaushal region. So bjp may get 16 to 20 seats and others may get

0 to 1 seats.

Who got how many votes in the exit poll?

If we talk about entire Madhya Pradesh, according to the exit poll of ABP news and C Voter, congress seems to

be coming back to power. In this exit poll, congress seems to be getting 118 to 130 seats. Whereas bjp seems to

be limited to 99 to 111 seats. BSP, Samajwadi Party, aam aadmi party and independents may get two to eight

seats. In the direct contest, congress is seen getting 44% votes and bjp 42% votes. 14% votes are going to

others' account.

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