Congress came to power by winning 115 seats in rajasthan assembly elections. But the ruling congress has fallen to 69 seats. Out of these 25 ministers of the Gehlot government, only 9 have registered victory. ashok gehlot, who stressed that he is certain to return to power in rajasthan, was shocked by the result. The congress, which formed the government with an absolute majority in the 2018 elections, has fallen to 69 seats this time. Among these, many who were identified as Gellu's favorite leaders are lying down. Out of the 25 ministers of the ashok gehlot government, only 9 have won. cm ashok gehlot has won from Sardarpur constituency in jodhpur for the 6th time.

Ashok Gehlot retained his mla seat. But out of 25 ministers of Gehlot government, 16 ministers have suffered defeat. The wave of anti-Congress rule in rajasthan, factional politics between ashok gehlot and Sachin Pilot, caste politics of rahul gandhi and the central leaders have engulfed the Congress.

Rajasthan assembly election Result

BJP: 115

Congress: 69

Bharat Adivasi Party: 3

Bahajan Samaj Party: 2

Rashtriya Lok Dal: 1

National Democratic Party: 1

Non-Partisan: 8

Central leaders thanked the voters for BJP's landslide victory. prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the workers at the central bjp office. In this case, this is the victory of Sab Ka Saath and Sab Ka Vikas. amit shah through a tweet said that this result has proved that it is the last day for conciliatory politics. The election result has clearly proved that it is the end of caste politics and nepotism politics in the country. New india voted for work. For this I thank the people of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan. Congratulations to prime minister Narendra Modi. Thanks to all of you who gave clear majority to bjp,” tweeted amit Shah.

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