According to the trends of counting of votes released on sunday for the assembly elections in Chhattisgarh, the

Bharatiya Janata party has crossed the majority mark, and nine ministers of the state are lagging behind on their

seats. There are 13 members in the Baghel cabinet in the state including the Chief Minister. According to the

information received from the election commission, bjp is ahead on 53 seats in the state and the ruling party

Congress is ahead on 36 seats. Others are ahead on one seat. To form the government in the state, any party will

have to win 46 seats.

Mohan Markam lags behind BJP’s Lata Usendi by 66 votes.

According to the election commission data, nine ministers of the state are lagging behind. According to the data,

Deputy chief minister TS Singhdev is behind BJP’s Rajesh Aggarwal by 1623 votes from Ambikapur seat.

Among other ministers, Shivkumar Dahria from Arang defeated BJP's Guru Khushwant Saheb by 6077 votes,

Home minister Tamradhwaj Sahu defeated BJP's Lalit Chandrakar by 4674 votes, Amarjeet Bhagat from Sitapur

defeated BJP's ramkumar Toppo by 3969 votes, Jaisingh Aggarwal from korba defeated BJP's Lakhanlal.

Ravindra Chaubey from Dewangan is trailing by 9522 votes, ravindra Choubey from Saja is trailing BJP's

Ishwar Sahu by 964 votes, Mohammad Akbar from Kawardha is trailing BJP's Vijay Sharma by 12092 votes and

Mohan Markam from Kondagaon is trailing BJP's Lata Usendi by 66 votes.

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