Prime minister narendra modi is a leader who understands the pulse of the people of india just as acutely. Former President, late pranab mukherjee said that Modi is a stalwart leader who combines nationalism and patriotism. Now this interesting information has been revealed by Pranab's daughter Sharmishtha in the form of a book. Former President, late congress leader Pranab Mukherjee's many explosive opinions, words and discussions have been brought out by his daughter in the form of a book. Talking about this, daughter Sharmishtha shared Pranab Mukherjee's opinion about prime minister Modi. prime minister Modi was clear in his thinking. Hailing from the RSS, narendra modi embodied nationalism and patriotism. pranab mukherjee had said that narendra modi is the only prime minister after indira gandhi who understood the pulse of the people accurately. Now, before the release of the book, Pranab's daughter Sharmishtha Mukherjee has shared some interesting words and his views.

Pranab reveals many interesting facts about pranab mukherjee in his book My Father, A Daughter Remembers Anno. In 2014, then President pranab mukherjee administered the oath of office to prime minister Modi. pranab mukherjee, who saw prime minister Modi closely as President, wrote many lines about Modi in his diary.

In the diary written by pranab mukherjee on october 24, 2014, Pranab wrote that in 2014, prime minister Modi celebrated diwali with the siachen soldiers, mingled with the flood-affected people of srinagar and his personality and quality of listening to hardships was seen only in narendra modi after Indira Gandhi. prime minister Modi had an official discussion and talk at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. He wrote that pranab mukherjee had assured Modi that he would give all cooperation to the government as the President. Meanwhile, he wrote a few lines about Modi. Modi was clear in his decision and thinking. Thus he was able to face every situation professionally. prime minister Modi had an equally strong sense of the pulse of the people and the pressures of the people. He listened to every issue with equal attention. Never pretended to be a know-it-all. He used to listen completely to whatever anyone said. He used to learn and learn new ideas. Modi is from an RSS organisation. Thus, pranab mukherjee wrote in his diary that nationalism and patriotism were united.

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