UP congress President ajay Rai has targeted bjp on the assembly election results of five states. He has raised

questions regarding special announcements for two states and accused bjp of making false promises. He said on

Wednesday that we never won in telangana, but this time we won. bjp has taken votes by lying and these things

will soon come to light and the public will understand in the times to come. What announcement do you make for

the entire country? Out of this, you will give something separately to only two states, this is just an attempt to

deceive the people.

BJP won in three, congress won in one state.

Let us tell you that the results of the assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, chhattisgarh and

Telangana were released on Sunday. In which congress won in telangana while bjp won in the remaining three

states. Whereas the results of Mizoram were released on Monday. In which ZPM has won.

Ajay Rai's target on SP?

After these results, ajay Rai had said that it has become clear from the election results that congress is the only

party which is capable of defeating bjp and his comment about regional parties (SP) being B team of bjp is true.

It has been proved. Now congress will contest the lok sabha elections with full strength.

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