After winning the elections in rajasthan, chhattisgarh and madhya pradesh, the biggest task before the Bharatiya

Janata party is to appoint the chief minister here. Amidst this brainstorming, the bjp leadership has taken a big

decision. It is being told that in MP, rajasthan and chhattisgarh, even a non-MLA can be made CM. Due to this,

there is doubt about Madhya Pradesh’s sitting cm Shivraj Singh Chauhan coming back to the post of chief. It is

being told that bjp can also give opportunity to new faces in chhattisgarh, madhya pradesh and Rajasthan.

MPs resigned

Of the 12 bharatiya janata party (BJP) MPs who won the assembly elections in five states recently, 10 resigned

from the membership of parliament on Wednesday. The 10 MPs who resigned include nine lok sabha MPs and

one rajya sabha member, including Union ministers narendra singh tomar and Prahlad Patel. The move is part

of the party leadership’s process of selecting new chief ministers in madhya pradesh, chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

Other MPs who have resigned include diya Kumari, rajyavardhan singh rathore and Rakesh Singh. Renuka

Singh and Mahant Balaknath have not resigned.

bjp was successful in its big experiment in elections

It is noteworthy that this time bjp conducted a big experiment in the assembly elections and this decision came in

favor of the party. bjp did not declare the cm face in the assembly elections of the three states. There were big

faces like Shivraj Singh Chauhan in MP, raman singh in chhattisgarh and vasundhara raje in Rajasthan.

Surprising everyone in the election results, bjp registered a big victory in all three states. In madhya pradesh, BJP

won 163 seats, in chhattisgarh, bjp won 54 seats and in rajasthan, bjp won 115 seats. Now everyone is waiting

for who will be the cm in the state?

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