As per report Anbumani Ramadoss says that 90% of households in the worst hit areas are not provided with the free milk announced by the government. Anbumani Ramadoss stressed that it is regrettable that there is no provision for uninterrupted distribution of even packets of milk in the areas affected by Cyclone Michung and that people should be ensured that they get the required amount of milk.

"Due to Cyclone Michung, rain and flood affected areas of chennai and suburbs are not getting basic milk. Although milk is available in a few places, a packet of milk worth Rs. 25 is being sold for up to Rs. 100. Milk is the only solution to hunger when food is not available due to rains, especially in families with children. Milk is an indispensable necessity but it is sad that there is no provision for uninterrupted supply of even packets of milk. Even as the chief secretary announced that milk would be provided free of cost to people living in rain-affected areas for the second day today, milk was not provided in majority of the areas. The DMK claimed that they were providing the milk packets provided by the government only in some areas and gave them only to a few houses.

90% households in the worst affected areas are not provided free milk as announced by the government. people are waiting in long queues to buy milk at Aa's milk outlets. It is observed that majority of them go back disappointed without getting milk.

The milk shortage must be addressed before people's frustration and disappointment turn into anger. The government should ensure that the people in all areas get the required amount of milk."

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