The gangmen working in the power sector took part in protests across the state to press for various demands. Cyclone Mikjam has crossed the coast. The storm has had a major impact on chennai and neighboring districts. We have seen people who were without power for a day due to the storm express their concern. The reality is that not only the residents of chennai can live without electricity in today's times. To that extent, electricity has become one of the basic needs of people. But the condition of such electricity workers who work for the basic needs of the people is pathetic. Rain, storm or sun, no matter what the time, no one sees them running immediately to the field.

Especially, the condition of gangmen who are considered as bottom workers in the industry is very pathetic. Gangmen are used to dig holes, plant poles and climb and repair planted poles when there is no supply. 5th standard pass is enough for this job. It is not possible to suppress in writing the status of higher authorities treating them just because they have a minimum level of educational qualification. They are put to the plight of being used to go to non-paying households and ask them to disconnect, to climb unnecessary electricity poles, to ask office boys to do their work.

Even if they are used like that, they are accused of not giving them due respect or proper remuneration. Above all, job security is of no importance to them. If asked to climb an electric pole they should be given proper guidance and proper safety equipment. But it is alleged that none of them are properly provided to them. No, even though the top officials say that they are giving everything correctly, the frequent accidents and fatalities show that everything the top officials are saying is a lie.

In that way, a gang member named Murugan (38) from Kallakurichi who works in Kandarvakkottai east division office of Pudukottai district has been asked by the higher authorities to climb the high voltage pole. Although the rule is not to climb the high voltage pole, he obeyed the orders of the higher authorities and climbed it.

Also, it seems that he was not given proper guidance or safety equipment. A gangman who climbs or is mounted on an electric pole has touched the electric pole connection believing that higher authorities have said that there is no power supply. It has a supply. As a result, he was thrown and fell down, breaking his arms and legs. Murugan, who is currently undergoing intensive care at the hospital, has two daughters. What is his future now; The question is what will happen to his family. But the higher officials who put him on the pole had no qualms; They have no answer.

Not only him, 100 gangmen are killed and injured due to accidents due to giving such unnecessary work. Another important thing to note is that if gangmen die while on duty, their successors have no job. But not so for higher officials; No one has an answer to their legitimate question as to how it is possible to accept that the heirs of gangmen who work in the clutches of a dangerous death are out of work.

In this case, the tamil Nadu electricity Board Gangmen Unions, who have been tolerant, are engaged in a voluntary strike in the Superintending Engineer's office across the state. In this way, this struggle is also going on in Pudukottai.

We want job security, we want pay rise. If this is not the case, the gangmen involved in the protest have insisted on many demands, including that we should be transferred from the job of gangman to the job of field assistant. Everyone's opinion is that the tamil Nadu electricity sector should shed light on the lives of gangmen who give light to everyone.

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