Uttar Pradesh chief minister yogi Adityanath had visited delhi on Thursday. cm yogi reached delhi at around 3

pm. After this the chief minister had met the central leadership of the party. cm Yogi’s visit to delhi is

considered important in many ways. Actually, the discussion about cabinet expansion in the state has been going

on for a long time. Apart from this, brainstorming on the name of the new in-charge of UP is also going on. If

sources are to be believed, cm yogi will meet the central leadership in delhi on Thursday. cabinet expansion can

be discussed during this meeting. The discussion about cabinet expansion has been going on in the state for about

6 months. This discussion has been gaining momentum ever since SubhaSP joined NDA. SubhaSP chief Om

Prakash Rajbhar is claiming to join the yogi cabinet soon. For this reason the Chief Minister's visit is considered

important. According to sources, 5 to 6 new ministers can be made. In which the names of OP Rajbhar, Dara Singh

Chauhan, akash Saxena are also in discussion.

Many leaders in the race for new in-charge

Not only this, the tenure of the current in-charge of UP, radha mohan Singh, has been completed. He was

appointed in november 2020. Brainstorming is going on over the name of the new party in-charge of the state. If

sources are to be believed, many names are included in the race for UP bjp in-charge, in which the names of

Union Ministers, former ministers and some big leaders are coming. There are many faces in it including Union

Minister Anurag Thakur, former gujarat cm Nitin Patel, National General Secretary Vinod Tawde. Apart from

this, the party has intensified preparations for the upcoming lok sabha elections. For this, the party can announce

an election steering committee on every lok sabha seat, which can implement the management of the party up to

the booth level. Their names are also expected to be announced soon. Sources claim that the party can announce

his name this month. It is not clear till the time of writing which leaders cm yogi will meet during his delhi tour.

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