The enthusiasm for the consecration of Lord ram Lala is rising across the country and the world. people are

offering various types of things to Lord ram Lala for his sanctification. For the religious ritual of consecration of

Lord’s life, 600 kg of pure ghee of desi cow has come from jodhpur which will be used in Akhand Jyoti in the

temple of ram Lalla as well as in the religious rituals to be conducted on the occasion of the consecration of Ram


600 kg of desi ghee in 108 urns had left jodhpur on 27th november, which was taken to ayodhya on 5 bullock

carts by Saint Maharishi Sandipani Maharaj of Jodhpur. Sandipani Ji Maharaj, who brought 600 kg of ghee from

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, says that on november 27, we had set out on the Ghrit Pad yatra and today after reaching

Ayodhya, the city of Lord ram, we met the officials of the Trust and dedicated the ghee to him. In this yatra, pure

cow ghee has been kept in 108 urns which together contain about 600 kg of ghee. This ghee will be used in the

consecration of the ram temple being built in ayodhya and the Akhand Jyoti lit in the sanctum sanctorum of

Ramlala. Not only this, this ghee is being collected for 9 years, when people would not be thinking in their dreams

that when the temple of Lord ram will be built, since then we have been collecting ghee.

Saint Maharishi Sandipani Ji said that this ghee has been brought from jodhpur and is going to be dedicated at the

feet of Lord Shri Ram. This Rath Pad yatra left from jodhpur on 27th november and reached ayodhya today on

7th December. The ghee is 600 kg ghee filled inside 108 urns in which other medicines have been used. After

every 3 years, five types of medicines have been put inside them so that this ghee does not spoil for a long time

and this ghee was first filled in the pots and kept leaking from the pots and then collected in a steel tank.

He said that the temple which could not be built for hundreds of years is going to be built in front of all of us

today. Lord ram Lala will be seated on 22 january 2024. At that time, the first Aarti performed by Lord Shri Ram

Lala will be performed before the ghee of the unmarried kali Kapali cow who gives milk. Along with that, this

ghee will be used in every way in the Yagya of Lord Shri ram Lala, in offerings, in offerings and in Panchamrit in

Panchgav during bathing. Because such a precious ghee, this mother cow is listening to Bhagwat Geeta 24 hours.

Who else will such divine ghee be useful to except God? Till date, we have never sold this ghee and it will be

dedicated at the feet of Lord Shri ram Lala on an auspicious occasion.

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