Nationalist congress party (NCP) founder sharad pawar and maharashtra Deputy chief minister ajit pawar had

held a closed-door meeting at an industrialist’s residence in pune in august to discuss the possibility of averting a

formal split in the party. A senior ncp leader Jayant Patil said this on Wednesday. This meeting took place after

Ajit Pawar joined the Eknath Shinde government of Maharashtra.

Jayant Patil made this big claim

NCP (Sharad Pawar faction) state unit president Jayant Patil said the only agenda of the secret meeting was to

avoid a split in the ncp after ajit pawar joining the ruling camp. Former state minister Patil was also present in

the meeting. Patil told a regional news channel here, “The meeting at the residence of an industrialist was only to

prevent a possible split in the party. This was the only issue that was discussed with me.”

Patil said, “We all have been in the party for the last 25 years. My attempt was to prevent division in the party. The

party belongs to all of us. That is why I was in touch with both the parties (NCP factions), due to which

speculations about my switching sides intensified. Patil, a former state minister, said that a political party acts as a

bridge between leaders and common citizens. He said, “When you form a party, you join more and more people.

Under the guidance of sharad pawar, ncp has become a party of capable people. Even after ajit pawar changed

sides, ncp (Sharad Pawar faction) has been saying that there is no division in the party.

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