Former maharashtra minister nawab malik, who was jailed for 18 months in a laundering case, is reported to have

joined the nationalist congress party (NCP) faction led by deputy cm Ajit Pawar. deputy cm Devendra

Fadnavis has expressed objection to this. He wrote a letter to ajit pawar saying that it is not right to take Nawab

Malik in the alliance. In his letter, fadnavis wrote, It is not right to take nawab malik in the alliance. The kind of

allegations against him. We believe that it is not right to take them into alliance with us. Power comes and goes but

the country is more important than power.

Deputy cm fadnavis said, nawab malik came to the Legislative assembly today and took part in the work.

Being a member of the Legislative assembly, he has this right. Let me make it clear that we have no personal

enmity or complaint against him. But the way There have been allegations against him. In view of that, it would

not be appropriate to take him into the alliance. Power comes and goes but the country is more important than

power. If the allegations against him are not proved then we should welcome him. But we have a clear opinion.

That in case of such allegations, it would not be right to make him a part of the Grand Alliance. I hope you will

pay attention to our feelings. Let us tell you that nawab malik spent time in jail from february 2022 to August

2023 and is currently on bail on health grounds. Earlier, ajit pawar told journalists that he had called Malik and

said that welcome to Nagpur. He also said that he is a senior leader who is capable of taking his own decisions on

such matters.

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