Mayawati left her brother anand Kumar and gave a big responsibility to her nephew akash Anand today.

Mayawati made akash Anand the successor of the party. Although akash Anand has not been able to do any

magic ever since he was launched, it remains to be seen what charisma akash Anand is able to do now after this

big responsibility. Will the party, which has been on the throne of power four times in Uttar Pradesh, be able to

take the party forward in the coming days from the position of the current mla of that party?

Will you run the party like your sister?

After being declared the successor of akash Anand, another question is arising in the minds of political pundits.

Will akash Anand, as per his old tradition, run the entire party from one room the way mayawati runs it or will

Akash anand be seen struggling as well. Bahujan Samaj party is generally not seen struggling on the streets at

any time, what about akash Anand who is full of youthful enthusiasm. Breaking the old tradition of their party,

they will register the presence of themselves and their workers on the streets or BSP workers will run to their

office to take an appointment to meet their leader. There is also a question in the minds of people whether Akash

Anand will run the party from a closed room and will also meet the public?

Was mayawati afraid of Chandrashekhar and Akhilesh?

Senior journalist Brijesh Singh says that mayawati wanted a young face to make akash Anand her successor.

Who could give a young leadership to the BSP cadre in front of the image of youth leadership of

Chandrashekhar and Akhilesh. In view of the continuously increasing popularity of Chandrashekhar and the

youth power of Akhilesh Yadav, now BSP also needed a youth and by bringing forward the name of Akash

Anand, BSP has made an effort to give young leadership to its cadre. BSP will try to woo the youth by giving

command to Akash.

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