Don't compare Rinku Singh with MS Dhoni..!?

Rinku Singh, who plays action like dhoni and works well as a finisher, is a big problem. Some people are starting to pressure him to be the next Dhoni. cricket fans have been comparing the indian team's young player Rinku Singh with dhoni for the past five days. At one point even cricket critics started writing articles and speaking in debates comparing the young player with Dhoni. After seeing the performance of Rinku Singh in the last overs in the first two t20 matches against Australia, not only the fans, and critics, but even the temporary captain of the indian t20 team, suryakumar yadav, everyone compared Rinku Singh with Dhoni. Many people are warning that this will become his reaction.
In this situation, don't spoil the joy and freedom of Rinku Singh by comparing him with dhoni said cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle. He told everyone that he had reached this stage after a lot of hard work. Rinku Singh gained great fame in the cricket world with his action in the last 2023 IPL series. After that, he continued to get opportunities in the indian t20 team as a finisher. He is also participating in the ongoing India-Australia t20 series and Rinku Singh has played an active role in the team's success in the first two matches so far. In the first match, he scored 22 runs off 14 balls and ensured the team's victory in the last ball. In the second match, he scored 31 runs in 9 balls and reached the peak of action. Apart from his actions, his calmness without any tension is seen by everyone as the most important thing. If there is one player who can play action in such a calm state of mind, it is Dhoni. So, naturally, everyone starts saying that watching Rinku Singh play reminds them of Dhoni's youth. As fans and critics began to say that his game resembled Dhoni's, suryakumar yadav hinted that Rinku Singh reminded him of dhoni after the second T20I. It is at this stage that Harsha Bhogle has compared dhoni and requested him not to waste his life. Constant comparisons with dhoni will put pressure on Rinku Singh. If he doesn't play well in some matches, "Is this the next Dhoni?" They will start criticizing. So, there is a risk of ending his cricket career. In his post, he said that he have been reading some news that Rinku Singh is finishing like Dhoni. He is an amazing talent who has worked very hard to get to this point. But with dhoni, Stop comparing. Let the young man play his cricket with joy and freedom and be happy being Rinku," he said.

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