A US fighter plane crashes in South Korea...!?

 A US military F-16 fighter jet crashes during training in South Korea. The training pilot ejects. Today (December 11), a US F-16 fighter jet crashed during a training exercise in South Korea. However,  the pilot reportedly ejected following  emergency procedures (emergency evacuation/evacuation).  American F-16 fighter jets were training today at a distance of approximately 178 kilometers near the city of Seoul, South Korea. Then suddenly  a mechanical failure occurs and he loses control. 

At this time, the pilot of the aircraft acted quickly and used the aircraft's ejector to escape. The plane lost control and crashed into a river in the area. According to reports, the accident occurred near a US air Force base. It is also reported that the fighter jet crashed into the Yellow River in Seoul. The pilot ejected from the plane and was later rescued. South Korea's defense minister declined to comment on the incident. The US Forces Korea, which monitors US forces in the south, has not yet  officially acknowledged this news. Similarly, in May, an American F-16 fighter jet lost control due to a mechanical failure during a training exercise in Seoul. The pilot of the plane survived thanks to emergency measures. The plane lost control and crashed into  nearby farmland. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. south korea and the US are defense allies. There are 28,500 US troops stationed in South Korea. Their job is to protect south korea from nuclear-armed North Korea. A similar plane crash in neighboring japan killed eight U.S. air Force personnel. In response, the U.S. army last week unveiled the Navy's existing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft landing platform.

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