Rashmika Mandana is currently in the golden phase of her career, earning recognition for her glamourous persona. Regardless of the genre, her movies consistently find success at the box office, solidifying her status as a bankable star. The trajectory of her success seems set to continue with several exciting projects in the pipeline. 

The anticipation is notably high for the upcoming movie "Animal," scheduled for release on december 1st. The recent free release event related to "Animal" added to the buzz surrounding Rashmika's involvement in the film. She looked stunning in a glittering saree, and photos from the event, featuring mahesh babu and ranbir kapoor in the background, garnered attention on social media. 

Rashmika expressed her joy, particularly appreciating a photo where mahesh babu is seen showering her with affection. The image has since gone viral, showcasing the camaraderie between the actors. In her social media posts, rashmika extended her gratitude to those capturing these sweet moments. She conveyed her heartfelt thanks for the love and respect received during the event.

 The actress emphasized the magical feeling of the moment, acknowledging the overwhelming support from fans. As the release of "Animal" approaches, rashmika conveyed her excitement, urging everyone to enjoy the film. With her versatility and charm, rashmika Mandana continues to captivate audiences, and the success of "Animal" could further solidify her position as a leading actress in the industry. T

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