The impact of summer heat is increasing day by day. The school education department had announced that schools would open for all classes on june 7 instead of june 1 due to the summer heat. Accordingly, progress is being made in government and private schools. At this stage, there are reports that chief minister Stalin, school education minister Anbil Mahes Poiyamozhi, and officials will hold a consultation regarding the opening of schools today. 

It is said that the opening of schools is likely to be delayed again. In various districts including Chennai, the heat wave continues to increase without decreasing. Opening schools in this environment will harm the children. Therefore, various parties are registering their opinions through social media to further postpone the opening of the school. So now reports suggest that there is a possibility that the reopening will be pushed further.

Now, it's Official that the schools will reopen on june 12th for Classes from 6th to 12th and on 14th for 1st standard to 5th standard. The TN education Department has made it official and asked the schools not to conduct coaching classes in between. Stay tuned for more updates.

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