Metro Turns 'Battleground' - Ugly Fight-Women Hurl Abuses..?

Two women got into a furious disagreement recently on the delhi metro for an unidentified reason, which led to a difficult situation and substantial media attention. The confrontation was captured on tape and has since gained widespread attention. The women are first seen standing apart, then closer together as they curse. One of the women threatens the other as they get closer by pulling off her shoe, to which the other woman answers by brandishing a bottle. Other passengers quickly intervened to diffuse the situation and, initially, to calm things down.

But there was more to it! The next shot of the film shows one of the women using the train's phone to call a Metro police officer in an effort to stop any additional "consequences." The other woman, though, is even more incensed by this and responds by slinging a string of disparaging words. Out of aggravation, the woman escalates the situation by grabbing her water bottle and spouting water at the other person.

Even though only this particular section of the occurrence was broadcast online, because of how dramatic it was, netizens jokingly asked for a continuation, or "Part 2," of the tragedy. Internet users responded to the video as it gained popularity in an unexpected and amusing way, comparing it to a good "masala movie." Someone should add Mortal Kombat soundtrack in the background, another person joked while another remarked, "Nothing happens when I go there."

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