Vaithilingam mp has insisted that the cbi investigate the puducherry Smart City irregularities immediately and take action against the erring officials.

In this regard, he told the media today: "A cruel act is happening today in puducherry, like the ruling bjp government in Madhya took rahul gandhi to court on the grounds of his speech and punished him and deprived him of his mp post. It is the duty of the members of the legislature to speak openly what is spoken among the people. The independent mla who performed that duty has registered a case against Nehru which is a cruel act.

In the past, when Narayanasamy was the Chief minister, the AIADMK did not take any action against Anbazhagan, who took the opinion of the people when Kiranbedi was the Governor. congress gave him a chance to make his voice heard even though it was the opposition party. But today's government in puducherry state is doing similar actions like how if Modi speaks against it they register cases and use suppression system and threaten them. It is an act of suppressing the voice of the people.

In puducherry there is a day-long power outage and lack of proper drinking water facilities. Everywhere there is salt water and drinking water is not available. 10, 12 hours power cut everywhere. Power outages in villages due to rains remain unresolved. Likewise, water supply, which depends on electricity, has been completely affected. The government, which does not intend to correct these, takes swift action against the offending MLA.

There is one Modi in the center and 2 Modis in puducherry namely Rangasamy and Namachivayam. Suppressing the voice of puducherry people. There are various allegations of corruption in the Smart City project. Various schemes remain unimplemented. congress mla Vaidyanathan and myself also demand that the Smart City irregularities be immediately investigated by the cbi and action taken against the erring officials.

I am also going to write a letter to the Union home minister regarding the irregularities in the puducherry Smart City project. The governor himself has admitted the fault in the liquor policy. In the absence of an elected government, former governor Kiranbedi ordered the closure of the liquor factory. But the current governor allowed the brewery to reopen. The cbi should investigate whether Kiranbedi's statement is correct and whether the current governor's statement is correct. puducherry Governor's performance is a huge question mark.

It is the right of MPs to get an explanation of the working of the Smart City project. But the Rangasamy government is the government that completely prevents it from being made available. The contribution of the state in Smart City is high. The total contribution of central and state governments is Rs.252 crores. Let me first state the puducherry government's position on the Meghadatu dam issue. If the puducherry government does not say it correctly, we will say it. He said, "Karnataka government and puducherry government do not know what to negotiate in this matter." Vaidyanathan was with the mla during the interview.

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