BJP state president annamalai said, "The video evidence of the children working in the company is shocking. However, the minister is still trying to hide the truth. The videos published in the media prove that what he is saying is a lie."

In a post published on his social media page in this regard, he said, "When the news of the employment of minors in Aavin Company came out, the tamil Nadu Dairy minister has been trying to cover it up since the beginning. The tamil Nadu Dairy minister is responsible for the plight of employing minors in a government company, without paying them, and being forced to stage a protest.

The dairy minister says that the children are not employed in his office. But, the reality is the opposite. Shocking video evidence of children working in Aa's company has come out. But the minister is still trying to hide the truth. The videos released in the media prove that what he is saying is false.

The incompetent DMK govt has wasted their future by not selecting the students for the national sports competitions for school students and now they are encouraging child labour. Immediately strict action should be taken against all those who employ minors and blacklist the particular contractor from taking part in government jobs. And I insist on behalf of tamil Nadu BJP," he posted.

Earlier, there were allegations of child labor being employed in Aavin. In this regard, Dairy minister Mano Thangaraj told reporters in chennai yesterday, 'The news that child laborers have been employed in Ambattur factory is completely untrue. This is a message designed to tarnish the company's reputation. Appropriate action is being taken by the Child Rights Protection Committee against those who planned and staged this act.

A legal notice has been sent to take legal action against the media for portraying this false news. Under the Prohibition Act and the Cultivated Adolescents Regulation Act, minors below the age of 14 shall not be employed. Minors are not employed in its offices. A formal investigation has been conducted in this matter by the concerned collector and police Department. We have also verified the documents,' he had said.

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