Chennai Drinking Water Board has informed that through the Revised Drinking Water and Sewerage Connection Scheme, charges for drinking water and sewage connections provided to the public can be paid in installments.

Chennai Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Board has been providing sewerage connections under the current schemes of Calling Connection (to Core Areas) and house to house Connection (to Added Areas). In this case, the above plans have been modified so that the public can easily get drinking water and sewerage connections and the municipal administration and drinking water supply department has issued a government order for the new revised drinking water and sewerage connection plan.

Through this scheme, the public can apply directly at the concerned area workshop offices, through telephone number (044-45674567) and website ( to get drinking water and sewerage connection to their homes. After carrying out due diligence, the documents will be verified with the owner and steps will be taken to provide drinking water/wastewater connection.

> Drinking water/sewerage connections will be provided to the consumers after taking the approval of the applicant as per the chennai Metropolitan Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage Act, 1978.

> Applications for drinking water and sewerage connections will be considered after receiving them from the public. Thereafter, the process for issuing the links will be done on payment of the full amount of the link or the first installment amount.

> Also, below poverty line (BPL) category will be charged only Rs.100 as connection fee. The charges for water/sewerage connections provided to them (including road cut rehabilitation charges) will be accepted by the chennai Water Board.

> Ground Floor and First Floor (G+1) Storey Buildings (Residential and Part Commercial Buildings) up to 1800 Sq.Ft Connection Charges and Other Charges (Including Infrastructure Development Charges) All charges in one installment or in 10 installments (every six months in five years) can pay

> Ground floor and two storied (G+2) storey buildings (residential and semi-commercial buildings) and 3 storey buildings (Stilt +3) with parking up to 2700 sq. ft. Connection charges and other charges (Infrastructure Development All payments (including fees) can be paid in one installment or in three installments (every six months, over 18 months).

> Owners of other types of buildings can get the connection by submitting the certificate of completion of the construction work of the building to be connected to water and sewerage and paying the full amount of sewerage and water connection in one installment.

> Once the system for providing drinking water supply/waste water connections is ready, all the houses in the concerned areas will be connected and the roads will be repaired within 24 hours. Also, public can pay the road rehabilitation charges in installments. Where structures for drinking water/wastewater connections have already been laid, road cut maintenance charges up to the perimeter of the house need not be paid.

> Water/Sewage connection charges will be charged based on the total built up area of the building. If the water and sewerage connection fee/deposit has already been paid to the local bodies, the same will be reimbursed at the time of connection.

> Applicants can pay water and sewerage connection charges using online gate way, cash or through Demand Draft at all Regional Offices/Laboratory Offices during office working days.

> If the public in the areas attached to the Metropolitan chennai Corporation have already paid the charges for drinking water and sewerage connection to the old local bodies, then in the newly added areas the old PVC water pipes will be replaced with new DI pipes and water connections will be provided free of charge.

Therefore, the public is requested to benefit from the new revised water and sewerage connection scheme by getting water and sewerage connection in a simple manner. For details in this regard, you can contact on the phone number 044-4567 4567 and on the website, it said.

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