Is it all drama..? 3 things that raised doubts about Vanitha..?

There has been a lot of talk about the attack on Vanitha for the past two days. She who is reviewing the show bigg boss had put a post with a photo saying that she was attacked by a mysterious person. She had mentioned that he was a supporter of pradeep and was not identified in the dark. This now leads to many doubts. Because Vanitha retaliates if someone talks down on her. So why does sometimes it turn into a police panchayat? But the following things are speculated to be the reason why she did not do anything in this matter. First of all her daughter Jovica looks like an unwanted guest on Bigg Boss.
Fans are watching her eat, sleep, and fall down. It is also said that she is trying to save her daughter through this. Secondly, this incident will get free publicity for the channel where Vanitha reviews Bigg Boss. Similarly, Vijay TV's TRP will also increase. It may be her plan to promote her daughter as an actress. Thirdly, it can cause a stir in social media and a round of trending can come. This is why fans are questioning whether she has not complained with the police about this matter. So all in all this is being talked about as drama. The truth is that no one believed Vanitha that much.

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