I have not apologized to Trisha!? Twist by Mansoor ali Khan..!?

While Mansoor ali Khan thought that he had put an end to the controversy by apologizing for the slander of actress trisha in a recent interview, now he has stirred up a new problem by saying that he did not apologize to trisha, but that his statement 'let me die' was misunderstood. Actor Mansoor ali Khan played the lead role of Udiraj raj in the recently released movie 'Leo' directed by lokesh Kanagaraj. Also, when the film crew said that he would play the role of a villain when he commits to this film, he thought that the rape scene that was featured in his films in the 90s will also be featured in this film. But Mansoor Alikhan's statement in a recent interview that the film crew did not even show trisha in his eyes caused a stir.
Following this, trisha condemned Mansoor ali Khan's speech and expressed her anger by tweeting on the X site and saying that she would not act with Mansoor ali Khan in any film today. Following this, director lokesh kanagaraj, karthik Subbaraj, Kushboo, bjp leader Vanathi Srinivasan, and many others continued to voice their opposition. The National Commission for women also requested the DGP to register a case against the police and actor Mansoor ali Khan and investigate the matter. Following this, a case was registered against Mansoor Alikhan under two sections at the chennai Ayaar Lampu Women's police station and a summons was sent to him. Accepting the summons, Mansoor ali Khan appeared at the Ayaar Lampu police station and answered the questions of the police for about one and a half hours. The incident created a stir.
He also released a statement from his side on the day after the police investigation. It was said in the statement, that he had won the war without a knife and without blood for a week! Heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, actors, and journalists who advocated for him. Humble salutations to the human beings who opposed him. The war of Kalingatu is over. As millions died, Samrat Ashoka's heart bled and he embraced non-violence. Yes. Conscience is God.He does not watch movies and has raised up to the 10th standard. god bless you for working with brotherhood for the recovery of this land!! Godliness will bless our children's well-being! My fellow actress trisha, forgive him! In this case, he never said sorry in this statement. The PRO misunderstood what he said to die and wrote it as sorry. This mistake happened because he said it on the phone. He said and threw a new bomb. Let's wait and see where the problem can go.

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