Ranbir Kapoor is preparing for the release of his next flick, Animal. During the recent promotional rounds, as reported on the BollyBlindsNGossip page, Ranbir spoke up about the time he was filming the film, and how actor-wife alia bhatt comforted him when he was nervous about particular portions. Ranbir stated that alia served as a 'barometer' in assisting him in understanding that the acts he was portraying in the film were those of the character he was playing.

"Alia and I speak so much about each other's work," Ranbir stated in a new post on the Reddit Page BollyBlindsNGossip. I like her as an artist, as well as her brains and the way she thinks. I would discuss every scene or every day when I was going to shoot the film with her, and she has helped me with so many sequences. She has assisted me with sequences in which I was concerned as an actor, 'Is it sounding too wrong?'"

Ranbir also stated that he has never done a film as tough as Animal. He thanked alia for her help throughout the production and stated, "I have never pushed the boundaries as a character so much." I've always attempted to show goodness on film. 'Listen, it's fine,' she said as she played the barometer. It is a character, and it makes sense. There is a thinking and an idea behind it.' When it comes to this picture, she has been a staunch supporter."

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