telangana districts with highest and lowest polling...!?

In the telangana Assembly elections, good polling percentage was recorded in all the districts except Hyderabad. The maximum yadadri is recorded in Bhuvangiri district. The crucial polling process for the telangana Assembly elections is finally over. Barring sporadic incidents here and there, the polling was peaceful. people of telangana deposited their decisions in EVMs. But as usual, the people of hyderabad showed no interest in voting in this election. However, the people of the rural areas showed interest in using the right to vote. As a result, the lowest polling percentage was recorded in the constituencies of hyderabad and the highest in the districts.
According to the information received so far, the election commission estimates that 70.66 polling percentage has been recorded across Telangana. The highest turnout was in yadadri Bhuvanagiri district at 90 percent and the lowest at 46 percent in Hyderabad. In terms of constituencies, 91.51 percent of polling was recorded in Munugodu and 39.69 percent in Yakut Pura. The last polling was recorded in all the constituencies in Hyderabad.The Hyderabadis did not take the elections that will decide the future of telangana for the next five years seriously. Not only educational institutions but also government and private institutions have been given holiday on polling day. The election commission tried to increase the polling percentage by voting with everyone. But polling was limited to 70 percent as urban voters rushed to vote. Looking at yesterday's polling pattern and various exit polls, it seems that there was a tough fight between BRS and Congress. Most survey results suggest that the congress party will get enough seats to take over the power in Telangana. Exit polls say that the hopes of BR's hat-trick victory in the polls to be released on the 3rd of this month will be dashed.

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