Almost all exit polls show that the congress party, led by revanth reddy, will establish the telangana administration. The formal announcement will be made with the counting on Sunday. During revanth Reddy's extended campaigning, reddy affirmed the likelihood of legal action for corruption accusations against kcr when asked by india Today. 

'I am not the power to make judgments,' said revanth reddy, 'but under the congress administration, there would be a panel comprised of a sitting judge and a special committee to probe the vast corruption inside KCR's family.' Exit polls conducted by Axis My india predict an easy victory for the Congress. If this occurs, telangana politics will flare up immediately away.

The telangana election was finished the other day. Almost all exit polls indicated congress will take power easily or as the single largest party (in a few Exit Polls). Axis My india, which is recognized for being quite reliable in such polls, withheld its Exit Poll results, claiming that it needs more time to evaluate the data because voting continued till late at night with people in lineups. The counting happens tomorrow and we just need to wait a few more hours.

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