Needless to say, Mansoor ali Khan made a comment on trisha regarding the character of the movie Leo and the way he responded immediately sparked controversy. Many people supported trisha for making such comments without any respect. Reacting in this way is not at all right and Leo director Lokesh along with some other heroines also responded to take action on this matter. 

Megastar chiranjeevi also responded to this in the tollywood industry, but it is known that Mansoor ali Khan first apologized in this matter and then reacted as if he would file cases against those who made comments against him again. With this, the affair seemed to have started again. At first Mansoor commented as if he had said nothing wrong. The police have already registered a case on this matter. He immediately inquired about Mansoor's comments.

 He sent a written letter to trisha and asked for an explanation. But trisha once again showed pity on the director Mansoor ali Khan in this matter. police explained that she reacted as if he had apologized and told her not to take further action. With this, the comments are being heard that the end card has been dropped for this matter. And will Mansoor ali Khan leave this matter at this or will he lead the discussion from another angle.

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