Mission telangana under the troubleshooter DK Shivakumar..?

Telangana election counting started. All efforts have been made to ensure that the power does not slip under any circumstances. Mission telangana is running under the supervision of karnataka trouble shooter DK Shivakumar. In the telangana elections, the exit polls favored the congress party, the congress party has prepared appropriate strategies to prevent the winning MLAs from passing away. Two plans will be implemented under the leadership of DK Shivakumar.
Although the congress party is determined not to lose power in telangana, till the end of the counting, it has prepared the strategies to be followed after the end. karnataka Deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar and others have reached hyderabad to fulfill this responsibility which has already been assigned by the congress leadership. Had a virtual meeting with rahul Gandhi. Arrangements are being made for the candidates to stay there till the counting process is over and move out depending on the results. rahul gandhi also seems to have indicated the same.Especially if the magic figure comes around, the present party is preparing to prevent the MLAs from slipping away. Two strategies will be implemented. Plan A will be prepared if the magic figure comes, plan B if not. If there is a clear majority, all the candidates will be called to hyderabad and a meeting will be held in the presence of DK. Later the CLP date will be decided in delhi along with the chief leaders. The responsibility for selecting the CLP leader is also at the discretion of the supreme Council.If the magic figure is surrounded by conditions like hung, the second plan will be implemented. The successful candidates are being prepared to move to Bangalore as soon as possible. It is thought that it would be better if the Chief election Agents collected the documents instead of waiting for the winning certificates. Because the congress party is afraid that MLAs may slip away even if they give a small chance to their opponents. Because there is a campaign that BRS-BJP will hijack MLAs, congress is not willing to give them any chance. The congress leadership is also thinking about what to do if the Majlis becomes necessary. The idea is that there should be no difficulty in getting the support of the Majlis, either from the people or from others. It seems that there is nothing wrong with taking this decision for a stable government.

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