Three men were captured on tape in delhi hitting and kicking a person and assaulting him with stones, tiles, and a knife in broad daylight, while passers-by, including schoolchildren, stood by and did nothing. The event occurred in northwest Delhi's adarsh Nagar neighbourhood, and CCTV footage of it has gone popular on social media.

The individual is seen being followed by a man on the CCTV tape, who catches him and throws him down in front of a house. Another individual arrives and begins kicking and hitting the guy on the ground. One of the assailants attempted to assault the victim with a knife but was stopped by the other. As a big throng, largely schoolchildren, gathered at the scene, both of them proceeded to strike and apparently knife the guy.

A third individual joins the two men and begins kicking and beating the victim. As the two other men continue to attack him, he rushes out and puts a handkerchief across his face. The throng that had gathered at the time did not stop the assailants or rescue the victim while the guy was viciously battered, according to the CCTV.

The men eventually stop pounding the victim after a lady from the home arrives and walks out of the gate, where she is seen telling them something. The men depart the scene despite the fact that spectators failed to apprehend them or assist the victim, and they disperse. According to accounts, the victim is in the hospital.

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