Telangana election 2023: Overconfidence leads to huge loss..?

Same scene repeated.. Same situation repeated once again. Four years ago in the 2019 andhra pradesh assembly elections, the same scene between tdp, bjp and ycp was seen. Is over confidence the reason for TDP's defeat in ap in 2019 assembly elections? Is the same over confidence the reason for BRS's defeat in 2023 assembly elections? In both cases, overconfidence in the victory of the ruling party, underestimation of the opponents, corruption, irregularities, anarchy of the own party leaders, weakening of the party's grip on the field, etc., are many reasons. If tdp underestimated ycp then. Now BRS underestimates congress which can be attributed to unpredictable results in both cases. Also, the opposition to Modi and bjp in both cases may be a coincidence.
Deeply speaking.. Same scene repeated.. Same situation repeated once again. Four years ago in the 2019 andhra pradesh assembly elections, the same scene between tdp, bjp and ycp was seen. It is known that the tdp, which came to power in the 2014 elections with the alliance of the bjp and the Jana Sena, later disagreed with the bjp on issues of partition, special status and other issues. Indeed, tdp leader Chandrababu has criticized prime minister Narendra Modi. Over confidence, mistakes of Janmabhoomi committees, gaps between tdp leaders. tdp lost in 2019 assembly elections due to many reasons. At the same time, YSP created a record by winning 151 seats. ycp has attacked the tdp as a one-sided war, which is determined to come to power once again. If tdp is wrong to underestimate ycp here.. One chance sentiment suits ycp well.
After achieving separate telangana, trs has given power twice in the first and second phases. This time too Dafa is eager to take the reins of power and score a hat-trick. Accordingly, kcr and ktr wrote their own strategies. After the formation of telangana, the congress party looked weak in the state of telangana, and the main leaders of the party were not fully active, so the BRS felt that their victory would be a walk on the black. However, revanth reddy left telangana tdp and took over the reins of the Congress. revanth reddy took the first step by bringing the congress leaders together with many efforts. They tried to go public with sharp criticism of KCR. At the same time, it can be said that revanth Reddy's padayatra has created some confusion in the kcr camp. However, the BRS, which is strong with telangana sentiment, is now overconfident that T. congress will not be at the level of undermining their power.In addition to bravely facing the issue of currency notes for votes.. revanth Reddy's padayatra, coordinating important leaders like Bhatti and vh along with Sitakka.. revanth reddy has strengthened congress with many aspects. At the same time, KCR's feud with bjp, harsh criticism of Modi, neglect of governor Tamil Sai, underestimation of revanth reddy, personal actions of trs leaders like Rajaiah... became a blow to KCR's ambition to score a hat-trick. It became a sensation when he declared that he was supporting the congress without contesting the election so that the anti-BRS vote would not split and they should join the Congress. Overall, the strategy of congress and YSRTP led to the defeat of BRS.

BRS and congress were instrumental in the formation of telangana state. That's why the people of telangana who gave BRS a chance twice. So they thanked Sonia. And the bjp, which has swept telangana with an unexpected victory in the Dubbaka by-election, is eager to take over the reins of power. However, due to not strengthening the party and cadre accordingly, not learning lessons from the results of the karnataka elections, and not being able to win anti-BRS votes, the reins of power could not be grasped. However, getting beyond the expected positions can be a bit of fun for them.

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