Rajasthan election Results: ashok gehlot Resigns...

Despite the BJP's imminent formation of government, Rajasthan's three-decade electoral history of ousting the incumbent party remained intact. 2018 saw a majority victory for the congress in the state, ending the vasundhara raje administration. sachin pilot was appointed deputy chief minister in 2020, however a protracted internal conflict within the congress caused Sachin Gehlot to take over as chief minister in 2020. 

The bjp secured a large majority, increasing its lead over the congress as the counting continued on Sunday, contrary to the exit polls' predictions of a close contest between the two parties. ashok gehlot acknowledged defeat and said the outcome was unexpected and disappointing.

Rajasthan's outcome: Large winners

Vasundhara Raje, a former chief minister and bjp contender from Jhalrapatan, received 1,38,831 votes overall and won by a margin of 53,193.

Sachin Pilot receives 1,05,812 votes overall and wins by a margin of 29,475.

In Sunday's rajasthan assembly polls, bjp candidate and Rajsamand mp diya Kumari emerged victorious in the Vidhyadhar nagar seat with a 71,368 vote lead. With 1,58,516 votes, diya Kumari, a member of the former jaipur royal family, defeated Congressman Sitaram Agrawal.

Rajkumar Roat, a candidate for the Bharat Adivasi party (BAP), was elected to the Chorasi assembly seat.

Rajyavardhan Rathore, bjp mp and candidate from the Jhotwara assembly constituency, won with a total of 1,47,913 votes, a margin of 50,167.

Major setback - Speaker of the rajasthan assembly CP Joshi falls short of bjp candidate Vishvaraj Singh Mewar in Nathdwara by 7,504 votes.

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