The complicated network of U-turns producing traffic problems is a major source of anxiety among hyderabad residents. The congress Party won strongly in the recent telangana assembly elections. A recent post on X urged people to recommend one major change that newly appointed chief minister revanth reddy should implement as soon as he starts office. In response, numerous Hyderabadi netizens encouraged chief minister revanth reddy to address the issue, emphasizing that these U-turns exacerbate traffic congestion rather than alleviate it.

Commuters, particularly those on the east-west and southwest-northwest routes, are frustrated by the complicated U-turns, which cause delayed traffic throughout the day. Despite police claims of calm traffic, locals allege that the multiple turns cause difficulty and delays. Due to U-turns and current infrastructure improvements, traffic movements are limited in several spots across the city, particularly near the Biodiversity overpass and the IKEA intersection.

Though intended to improve traffic flow, the increased number of vehicles causes delays, particularly when buses make U-turns. The construction of new flyovers, signal closures, and the installation of U-turn intersections all contribute to the escalating mayhem, causing even more congestion and discomfort for motorists. revanth reddy has already stated his worry about the U-turns that make it tough for road travelers in Hyderabad. We'll have to wait and watch whether he takes any steps to address this issue or if he does a U-turn (pun intended).

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