One of Andhra Pradesh's politically influential communities is the reddy Community. For quite a long time, the congress party has widely advanced Reddys' initiative and the party turned into the substance of Reddys. Until YSR, it remained the same. However, jagan left the congress and founded his party shortly after his death. Because congress lacks a powerful reddy face, the reddy support base switched to congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress for the same reason. In telangana as well, there was no famous mass reddy pioneer for Congress.

Therefore, even though he was the subject of numerous allegations of corruption, jagan remained an icon. His ability to speak makes matters worse. people realized jagan could not speak two lines without seeing a paper after he came to power. Even when reading from a paper, we've seen him struggle in speeches. Then, we saw him afraid to pass people without putting up barriers on both sides of the road. Conversely, revanth reddy is a shocking speaker. Out of nowhere, the reddy people group got a legitimate mass Symbol revanth Reddy.

He has turned into a legend of the local area for his exceptional ascent from a ZPTC to the Main Clergyman. Additionally, he is the one who brought congress back to life in telangana after three months of being dormant. Presently, all Karthika Vanabhojanalu events in andhra pradesh and telangana feature images of jagan and revanth Reddy. If jagan loses the elections in 2024, we might even see Kingsize photographs of revanth reddy replace Jagan's images on those Banners.

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