Telangana cm revanth Reddy's first speech...!?

Revanth reddy was sworn in as chief minister of Telangana. Also, the ministers were sworn in by governor Tamilisai Soundararajan. telangana chief minister revanth reddy started his speech with the jai Soniamma slogan. He said that telangana state was formed on the foundations of struggles and sacrifices. He said that telangana state was formed with many ambitions and aspirations. revanth reddy stated that telangana was formed as a sacrifice for democratic revival... congress party became Samidi and formed Telangana. But telangana, which was formed on the foundations of sacrifices, has not been properly governed in the last ten years, he said. He said that in the previous government, there were no people to talk about people's problems. revanth said that is why the people defeated the party.Revanth reddy said that the victory of the congress in the recent assembly elections was due to the activists. He said that they turned their thinking into iron will and converted their blood into sweat to defeat the congress and form a people's government. So, revanth said that in the state, sonia Gandhi's family will support the congress workers at the Centre. He said that from now on, the government will work for the telangana peasantry and the unemployed... Indiramma Rajya has been formed. telangana people have now got freedom.Revanth said that the iron fences built around Pragati were broken during the swearing-in ceremony. He said that his telangana family members can come to pragathi Bhavan whenever they want... and discuss problems. The chief minister has assured that he will combine your ideas in the state government. revanth said that he would protect the aspirations of the people of the telangana region. He said that he would make telangana compete with the world while maintaining law and order. revanth said he would take care of all responsibilities as their brother and child. They said that telangana will be transformed into an Indiramma kingdom under the congress government... it will be run on the path of development. He will prove that we who have assumed power are not rulers but servants. He will use this opportunity given by you for the development of this region.Revanth said, " He will remember all hard work... He will keep congress workers in his heart... If he work for the families of unemployed and martyrs from today... He will do justice to them." chief minister revanth reddy has called you all to come tomorrow to Jyoti Rao Phule Bhavan i.e. Pragati Bhavan at 10 am. After the speech, cm revanth reddy first signed the file of six guarantees. Also, according to the promise given during the election, Divyangura handed over a job appointment letter to Rajan. Vedic scholars as well as people of all religions blessed revanth Reddy.

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