List of ministers in revanth Reddy's cabinet..!?

Allotment of departments to ministers has been completed in the government formed under the leadership of telangana chief minister revanth Reddy. revanth, who took all of them and went straight to the secretariat, held the first cabinet meeting. It is known that revanth reddy took oath as telangana Chief Minister. Along with him, Mallu bhatti vikramarka was Deputy CM. Uttam Kumar reddy, Damodara Rajanarsimha, komati reddy venkat Reddy, Duddilla sridhar Babu, Ponguleti srinivas reddy, Ponnam prabhakar, Konda surekha, Sitakka, Tummala nageswara rao, Jupalli krishna Rao took oath as ministers. But there is excitement among the people of the state and the political circles as to which department has been allotted among them. Some of them are new but most of them already have experience as ministers. cm revanth reddy allotted departments to the ministers some time ago.
Ministries - Departments :

Bhatti Vikramarka - Deputy cm, Revenue Department
Uttam Kumar reddy - home Minister
Komati reddy venkat Reddy - Municipal Administration
D. Shridhar Babu - Finance Minister
Ponguleti srinivas reddy - Irrigation Minister
Konda surekha - women Welfare DepartmentDamodara Rajanarsimha - health Department

Jupalli krishna Rao - Department of Civil Supplies
Sitakka - Tribal welfare
Tummala nageswara rao - Roads and Buildings Department
Ponnam prabhakar - bc Welfare.

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