According to Axios, egypt has warned the US and israel that if Palestinians migrate into the Sinai Peninsula from the Gaza Strip as a result of Israel's current incursion in the region, there might be a "rupture" in Egypt-Israel diplomatic relations. This warning came amid an intensifying humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza as a result of Israeli bombings and ground operations started in reprisal for the october 7 attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

According to the Hamas-run health Ministry in Gaza, the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, which reached its third month on Thursday, has killed almost 16,000 Palestinians. Meanwhile, the UN said that as of december 3, over 1.9 million Palestinians, or almost 85 percent of the population, had been displaced within the Gaza Strip.

Egypt has been concerned about the migration of Palestinians entering its territory since the commencement of the Israel-Hamas conflict. The nation has said repeatedly that it would not admit Palestinian refugees.

In october, it was revealed that an Israeli government ministry had written a wartime proposal to relocate 2.3 million Palestinians from Gaza to the Sinai Peninsula, eliciting anger from both Palestinians and escalating relations with Egypt.

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