Are there plans to move the city's Nehru Zoological Park to a shadnagar forest block? Rumors are circulating that the park will be moved due to rising noise and air pollution, as well as flooding from the nearby Mir Alam tank. The Nehru Zoological Park, spanning 380 acres, was established in 1963 following the relocation of the former Public Gardens zoo cages. Zoo parks are typically located outside of cities, away from pollution and traffic.

It was outside of hyderabad when it was first opened in 1963 in Bahadurpura, but today the neighborhood is an essential part of the metropolis. In addition to noise and air pollution, the Mir Alam tank is contaminated by drainage water from nearby communities. There have been times when the zoo has flooded partially due to water from the tank during intense storms. Aside from this, moving the zoo would help get 380 acres of valuable municipal property that may be put to other uses.

Rejecting all the claims and conjecture, a senior forest department official stated that moving the zoo would be extremely difficult in practice.
These rumors have been circulating for the past twenty years. The Central Zoo Authority must first provide authorization for the move, and a comparable amount of land must be found for the zoo's establishment at the new location, the official stated.
"Relocation also requires significant financial outlays. It costs between Rs. 2 crore to Rs. 3 crore to build up a single tiger enclosure. Apart from this, creating a new habitat requires at least five years of work. It would be quite difficult in light of all these issues, the source stated.

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