Happy international yoga Day!!!

Yoga is a process made up of many types of asanas and pranayama. yoga is accomplished through a variety of self-disciplinary processes such as meditation, chanting of mantras, prayer, asanas, and pranayama. The root of the word yoga is actually the sanskrit word Yaj. It means 'to tie'. Although a broader meaning of this also says that it is the bond between the soul and the divine. It has both spiritual and physical benefits. Let us know the 7 amazing benefits of doing yoga.

Yoga makes the body more flexible

According to surveys and studies being done around the world, yoga makes the body very flexible. In 2016, many top yoga institutes also did research in this regard. It was found that different yogic postures make the body very flexible.

Stress relief

Meditation is an important part of yoga. Meditation helps a lot in reducing stress. Pranayama and various yoga asanas also prove to be helpful in dealing with stress. In many cases, it has also improved the mental state of the people.

Can be beneficial in heart diseases

On the occasion of international yoga Day, this is good news for your heart. It is believed that yoga is very helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Since pranayama is a breath-based exercise, it regulates many activities of the heart.

Yoga also increases your stamina

Surya Namaskar and Shirshasan are very effective in increasing the capacity of our bodies. Practicing yoga continuously improves the powers of the body.

Yoga can save from covid

The best thing about yoga is that it increases the immunity of the body. The increase of this immunity helps in avoiding many other diseases including Covid.

Sleep disorders are removed

Doing yoga is to get rid of many diseases. Insomnia is also included in the list of these diseases. yoga improves the ability of people to fall asleep quickly and get deep sleep. 

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