With an intriguing intermission twist, the first half is engrossing. Much of the second half drags. The pre-climax scene with the motorcycles on the ice is ok. The movie has a number of action scenes that were created with action fans in mind. Pathaan is a mediocre movie that is only recommended for action movie fans and SRK fans because it has some predictable turns and few tense scenes.

Even at the very end, when a plane carrying 300 passengers is at risk, the audience is not sufficiently alarmed. It is quite evident that the story has a happy conclusion with the super hero saving everyone. It is clear from the beginning of the movie that the producers intended it for the theatre audience. The action sequences appear to have been drawn from hollywood productions like "Mission Impossible," "Fast and Furious," and many more.

Salman summarises the dialogue between SRK and salman about handing the baton by saying, "We can't give this to kids" and "We have to do it for the country." Fans of salman and SRK, two seasoned actors, are moved by this. A movie called Pathaan has poor writing. But in order to make it visually acceptable for a wide audience, the movie is tastefully constructed with a number of forced sequences. Pathaan is a paisa vasool movie with all the masala ingredients that action lovers and SRK admirers will enjoy. Don't anticipate much from the spy elements.

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