Vijay came in person and consoled Ajith..!?

After learning that actor Ajith's father Subramaniam passed away today, actor Vijay went directly to Ajith's house and offered his condolences. Actor Ajith's father Subramaniam died of natural causes this morning. After suffering from a stroke for the past 4 years and undergoing treatment for it, he passed away early this morning in his sleep. He was 85 years old. When the news of Ajith's father's demise came to light, chief minister M.K.Stalin, assembly Opposition leader Edappadi Palanichami, and many political leaders and film celebrities expressed their condolences.
Subsequently, Ajith's father's dead body was cremated at Min Mayan in Besant Nagar, Chennai. Actor ajith, who was carrying his father's body, asked the people present not to take video. A large number of people thronged the area after learning of Ajith's visit and police security was also put in place. Actor Vijay met actor ajith, who went home after cremating his father's body and expressed his condolences. Actor Vijay has consoled ajith and his family who are mourning the loss of their father. Similarly, actor and sports minister stalin -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>udhayanidhi stalin visited Ajith's house this morning and paid tributes to his father.

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