One of the first celebrities to wish vijay deverakonda a happy birthday is samantha Ruth Prabhu. The actress, who will appear alongside the actor in Kushi, joined his fandom on instagram Stories to reveal the shared display image created specifically for his birthday. Additionally, the actress wrote him a heartfelt letter.
Happy to share Vijay Deverakonda's birthday CDP, who is a good friend and one of my favorite costars. Because you actually deserve the best of everything, I'm hoping and praying for your success. Vijay was depicted in the poster she shared sitting like a king on a chair and dressed all in black.

Fans will also receive the first song from their movie kushi in addition to the poster. The telugu song, Naa Rojaa Nuvve, is a beautiful number that sounds like it was recorded in Kashmir. There will be international releases of the song. vijay deverakonda and samantha Ruth Prabhu star in the love drama Kushi. shiva Nirvana is the director, and it was previously known as VD 11. samantha had to take time off work to receive treatment for her auto-immune ailment, Myositis, which caused the movie to be delayed. The movie was partially filmed in kashmir last year. On september 1, 2023, kushi will debut in theatres worldwide in Tamil, telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.

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