Anurag Kashyap, a hugely gifted director, is now on fire as he promotes his new movie "Dobaaraa," which will be released this coming week on august 19. He's not only coming across as eccentric and animated, but he's also saying all kinds of strange and logical-yet-crazy things to draw attention to the movie, a remake of a Spanish film with Taapsee in the lead.

Anurag Kashyap was asked in an interview how he felt about Ranveer Singh's nude picture shoot, but Taapsee stepped in to explain that everyone does such shootings in Hollywood. Taapsee immediately responds, "Oh, don't show horror films to the audiences," when the interviewer suggests that even Anuraga should participate in such a shoot. The director made some spitting facts and grabbed all the eyes.

Anurag responded to Taapsee's remarks by saying, "Taapsee is jealous that I have bigger b**bs than her," which caused even the actress to giggle. As per usual, some troll armies are labelling Anurag's statements sexist, while others are in favour of them and claim that it was a pleasant interview. Dobaaraa is generally receiving all the attention due to the bizarre remarks and actions of the movie's key characters.

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