NTR's apology to Vijayashanthi..!? Why..?

It is known that Vijayashanthi alias Ramulamma is still actively doing films. But they are going very selective in the second innings. Opportunity for acting, except bold roles! Not doing small films. Films of star heroes? Acting only if the role is very special. Recently, she acted in 'Sarileru Neekevvaru'. Everyone thought that with the success of that movie, Ramulamma would get busy as an actress again. But that didn't happen. Can't she act when she doesn't get the roles she wants? Or are there other reasons? You should know that.
But recently, an interesting thing came to light during the birth anniversary celebrations of world-famous actor NTR. It is learned that ntr directly apologized to Vijayashanthi. It is known that ntr became busy in films again in 1990 after becoming the Chief Minister. He made a comeback with the movie 'Brahmarshi Vishwamitra'. However, the shooting of 'Gang Leader' starring Vijayashanthi is also going on at the same place where the dubbing work of the film is going on. vijayashanti went to meet ntr at that time. But after reaching the spot, it became difficult to mark due to a light problem, and turned back. On learning that, ntr went straight to Vijayashanti's house (Chennai) the next day. However, due to the shooting, vijayashanti came to hyderabad on the same day.

Meeting Srinivasa prasad who was at Vijayashanti's house at that time. He was told that a mistake had been made. He apologized to the child. However, ntr did not lose heart. vyjayanthi found the available phone number in hyderabad and called him himself to say sorry. This matter has not come out anywhere till now. For the first time, vijayashanti revealed the sorry that she had hidden in her mind for so long.

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