Sandeep reddy Vanga is a director who can express the emotion very strongly on the screen. It is known how strong the love track between the hero and heroines in ``Arjun Reddy'' was successful. The hero has shown love on screen as a psychotic love. This new genre movie has created a record in tollywood and Bollywood. Based on exactly the same point, he is now presenting ``Animal'' to the audience. 

In this, the emotional bonding between father and son is revealed. How strong is sandeep going to say the hero characterization with Anil Kapoor's dialogue that we don't see a son, we see a criminal? Understood. And if such a director will do comedy films? do you believe Is that possible for him? That means we all fall into thinking at once. 

 He expressed his desire to enter the field of comedy filmmaking, which is different from his usual style. He said that he wants to exit from serious films and make such films. When will he do it? He did not reveal that, but he promised that he will definitely make films with entertainment. After all, sandeep is going to prove that there is not just action, but also comedy. 

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