Tamil actor ajith kumar is currently shooting for his next film with Magizh Thirumeni. He has reportedly locked in another director for his next project, which is tentatively titled AK63. Reports have surfaced on the internet that the film will be helmed by Adhik Ravichandran; but later on, there were also reports that another director might be roped in for the project.

Now, ajith Kumar’s manager suresh Chandra has reportedly confirmed that Adhik will be directing the film and will not be replaced. industry Tracker Amutha Bharathi shared that the film will be produced by Mythri movie Makers. Not much information about the project has not been revealed yet, but the fans are excited with the confirmation of the news. Adhik Ravichandran is notably an ardent fan of ajith kumar, which he has often been spoken about in various events and it was also evident from his film Mark Antony.

According to numerous reports, it was also said that ajith kumar is set to receive a staggering Rs 165 crore for his involvement in this project. Neither the filmmaker nor ajith kumar, however, has officially confirmed these figures. Adhik Ravichandran got his fame with his high-octane action sequences and storytelling in films, which was witnessed in his previous blockbuster Mark Antony.

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