The appearance of both the hero and heroine during a film's advertising is critical for captivating the audience. However, in the case of "Hi Nanna," Mrunal Thakur, who plays a big part, has been conspicuously missing from promotional activities. Her absence is ascribed to her involvement in the filming of "Family Star" in Mumbai.

With the film's release nearing and with two weeks remaining, the lack of aggressive advertising raises worries. Mrunal Thakur did do some interviews a few days ago, but her active engagement in the run-up to the publication is deemed critical.

Her availability for promotional events is limited owing to her hectic schedule and the ongoing shoot.

Similarly, Sreeleela, the actress, is encountering a similar issue in advertising "Adikesava." The filming of 'Extra-Ordinary Man' has made it impossible for her to actively engage in promotional activities, such as the press conference. The early reaction to the film has been poor, and the absence of major cast members during promotion adds to the difficulties.

This situation is not limited to "Hi Nanna" and "Adikesava." Other films have encountered similar problems in the past, where the principal stars were unable to actively participate in advertising for a variety of reasons. In the case of "Kushi," samantha was unavailable throughout the promotional period, and vijay deverakonda assumed full responsibility. Similarly, in the case of "Miss Shetty, Mr. Polishetty," naveen marketed the film in anushka Shetty's absence.

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